The picture during lockdown had lots of positives. Customers still wanted to buy. You worked within the restrictions and you kept selling.  Customers reviewed what they needed from their homes and as soon as your sales office reopened, they came forward.

Rightmove have actually reported some interesting findings that suggest demand for new homes is not only getting back to normal but growing!

  • Demand for new homes has nearly risen back to early 2020’s record levels.
  • Searches specifically for New Homes since the market reopened in England are 19% higher than Jan-Feb

Over the past few months, we have been working non-stop to support our own clients with live zoom training sessions that have helped teams to make a human connection with their valuable leads, to gain the confidence to jump online with customers to get home specific and to qualify the customer to maximise the on-site appointment.  

As the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter, your selling days are probably taking a very different shape to before as you learn to be more agile and flexible than ever – whilst managing your safety and that of your customers and colleagues.

This is the moment to help buyers make the decisions that will enable their plans for the future – a new home on your development - and to acknowledge them as the proactive customers and give them the safe VIP service they deserve.

Free Webinar - How to Manage the New Customer Journey

We’re hosting free webinars on Thursday 25th June and Monday 6th July at 12:00 for salespeople and sales managers so that we can share our top tips for how to manage the new customer journey that has emerged.  

This webinar will help salespeople to quickly adapt to new elements of selling and how to optimise leads and reservations; using some of our intelligent selling principles.  

In 60 minutes, we will cover:

  • Refocus and be ready to engage people in your target homes
  • Be ready to connect with the human who is putting effort into searching for a new home
  • Optimise your selling time – online, with virtual tours, progressing the opportunity - practice being ruthless with time and gracious with people
  • Be confident to jump on to virtual meetings to connect and get home specific
  • Use face to face meetings to achieve Reservations
  • Dig deep in your CustomerBase and increase your call outs
  • Get up to date and establish who is willing, able and ready to buy with you

The opportunities and possibilities are NOW. Let’s get to it. Enter your name and email address below and we will send you the link you need to join.