Now we’re emerging from lockdown, customers will want to connect. They are looking to move forward in their lives and want to move forward with this desire – quickly, so take the stage and work on how you can be agile and in the moment!

  • Strike while the iron is hot
  • Capitalise each opportunity
  • Nail an immediate online meeting
  • Move your customer a step at a time toward the reservation
  • Next step closer to close and agree how the customer can reserve with you
  • Create opportunities from your CustomerBase

Planning and preparing each step in your new customer connections will take agility. It’s all about knowing your steps and dancing in the moment with your customer.

Moving the phone conversation online will achieve a richer, deeper connection and will enable a productive discussion that uses the best of your visuals - a demonstration that adds value and the engagement will go up which means more reservations will be taken.

This new space needs us to be nimble, agile and creative.

  • Spot the chance
  • Spot the customer’s agility
  • Invite the customer to go online with you at the right moment

Free Download - Tips for jumping to a quick online meeting


When you are connected on the phone with a customer, aim to get to a natural point to ask them to jump to an online meeting.