Your customer never appreciates being sold to so asking rather than telling is always the style for success.

Customers want to work with (and award their business to) the sales person who earned it, who added value to their experience – the expert who was knowledgeable, able to answer all questions and who put them first through the whole process. There are more customers thinking ‘why not move’ than ‘why should I buy?’ as they explore their options for buying a new home.

The atmosphere you create, that “buying buzz”, supports that psychology.

Here are some tips for creating a buying buzz:

  • Showing a genuine curiosity and willingness to help. It builds trust and confidence.
  • Ask lots of questions and keep everything very conversational: How does this location work for you and your family? What else have you seen that you like?
  • Use questions and a pace that supports the buying atmosphere.
  • A selling atmosphere tells and pushes where the buying atmosphere excites and pulls.
  • Always ask, don’t tell. Use your knowledge to wrap what you know around the customers and the needs they have spoken of.
  • Give options to explore elements they have not thought of and use your knowledge in a totally relevant way. 
  • Be authentic and genuinely interested in your customer, your company, the homes you develop, and the world around you. 

The customer knows that your role is to sell, their role is to buy, and they want that relationship to have truth, equality and fairness. Offering choice, viable options and reassurance that you are invested in the customer finding the right home for their needs adds to the buying atmosphere. You are more trustworthy when you present all sides, the world is not perfect, but you are trying to give them the best of what is available and help them to achieve the right solution for them.